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Outsourcing is when a company hires a third party to handle certain tasks, operations, or services. The GOOPro training program provides individuals with the skills needed for global offshore outsourcing. It consists of three levels and helps participants align their career goals, prepare for the job market, and develop transferable skills. Led by Mr. Martin Laster, the program offers practical guidance and support. Africa is becoming a preferred outsourcing location due to its large population of educated unemployed and underemployed people.
Why I Recommend Global Outsource And Offshore Professional Training (GOOPro)
GOOPro is a training program that helps individuals excel in global offshore outsourcing. It consists of three levels, with the first level focusing on personal development and strategies for success. The program is taught by Martin Laster, who is dedicated to helping participants excel in their careers. GOOPro is recommended for its positive impact on career development and the opportunity to gain offshore jobs.