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GOOPro Core

GOOPro Core

Growth Mindset and Cognitive Skill Development   

Embark on an exclusive opportunity with GOOPro Core Training. This tailored training is ideal for newcomers in the outsourcing industry and those looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in remote work. Benefit from expert guidance, interactive sessions, and comprehensive knowledge to propel you towards a purpose-driven career.

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4 Weeks Instructor - led Online

(12 Days 1-hour Live Sessions + 4 Days Project Work)





$50 Registration + $1750 Tuition


GOOPro Core is meticulously designed to empower individuals with the essential skills and mindset needed for personal and professional growth.

It focuses on fostering a growth mindset and cognitive skills development by delving into the fields of developing effective work planning strategies, creating an optimal work environment, mastering the art of agile thinking, sharpening your critical thinking skills, engaging in structured problem-solving processes to approach real-life challenges, improving communication skills through storytelling and the evidence-based technique and cultivate mental flexibility to adapt to change and thrive in today's fast-paced and ever-evolving world.

Planning Ways of Working
Critical Thinking
Mental Flexibility

Lessons Schedule

Work Planning, and Agile Thinking

Critical Thinking and Structured Problem Solving

Communication, Storytelling, and Evidence-based 

Mental Flexibility and Translating Knoweledge

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