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GOOPro Max

GOOPro Max

Enhancing the Interpersonal Abilities

Enroll in an exclusive opportunity with GOOPro Max, uniting professionals worldwide. Benefit from expert guidance, interactive sessions, and comprehensive knowledge tailored to enhance interpersonal abilities for offshore outsourcing, fostering a purpose-driven career in this specialized field.

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4 Weeks  Instructor - led Online

(12 Days 1-hour Live Sessions + 4 Days Project Work)





$50 Registration + $1750 Tuition


GOOPro Max is designed to elevate interpersonal abilities, with a specialized focus on mastering win-win negotiations and cultural diversity literacy. Our comprehensive approach extends to developing robust relationships, inspiring trust, fostering teamwork, promoting collaboration, and championing inclusiveness. Additionally, delves into establishing a good outsourcing strategy and ensuring value delivery.

Mobilizing Systems
Developing Relationships
Teamwork Effectiveness
Outsourcing Strategy

Lessons Schedule

Win-win Negotiations, and Cultural Diversity 

Developing Relationships and Inspiring Trust

Teamwork, Collaboration, and Inclusiveness

Outsourcing Strategy and the act of Delivering Value

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