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GOOPro Digital

GOOPro Digital

Building Digital Literacy  

Enroll in an exclusive opportunity to learn and master the basic tech requirements to excel as a worldwide professional with GOOPro Digital.  Benefit from expert guidance, interactive sessions, and comprehensive knowledge to advance toward a purpose-driven career in building digital literacy.

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4 Weeks  Instructor - led Online

(12 Days 1-hour Live Sessions + 4 Days Project Work)





$50 Registration + $1750 Tuition


GOOPro Digital, with a commitment to building digital literacy, is dedicated to fostering digital literacy by integrating various methodologies and tools aligned with theories of digitalization.

The primary goal of GOOPro Digital is to boost individuals' digital confidence, software proficiency, and understanding of digital systems. It offers a comprehensive process that empowers people with the skills necessary to navigate the digital landscape effectively.

Digital Confidence
Software Use
Understanding Digital Systems
Reflection + Capstone Project

Lessons Schedule

Digital Confidence, Ethics, and Collaboration

Email Best Practices, and Productivity Tools

Understanding Digital Systems, Data & Cybersecurity 

Understanding and applying AI and Automation Tools

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