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About GOOPro

The GOOPro Mission

Unlocking Global Frontiers

GOOPro Training, a non-profit organization registered in Texas, is designed to equip individuals with the skills needed to address the demand for outsourced consulting services. The program promotes a practice where all parties in an outsourcing relationship share a common knowledge base, approach, and commitment to success. Additionally, GOOPro has been actively supporting and upskilling numerous Africans, enabling them to obtain and leverage their skillsets in the global marketplace.


Future-Proof Your Career


Leverage Remote Work


Professional Skill Development

The Vision

To distinguish individuals as leaders in the field of global offshore outsourcing.


Let’s Get Started


Step 1: Submit Application 

Select a training session that fits your schedule. 

Step 2: Registration 

Sign the agreement and pay the registration fee.  

Step 3: Enrollment

Pay tuition or set up a payment plan.