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Future Proof Work Development

According to a study by McKinsey, 99 percent of executives expected employees to spend more than 80 percent of their time in the office, and after COVID-19, only 10 percent shared that practice. Company leaders are changing their management and hiring practices to support a workforce in a hybrid environment. There is an emerging shift occurring in how we work that will require a change in the way we approach career development.

Workers are attracted to the freedom and flexibility of remote work, but most struggle with managing workloads and delivering value to their jobs. Remote work is a new concept, so most people lack the skills, tools, and ability to perform jobs outside the office setting. Some lack the knowledge of knowing what they don’t know or how to develop the skills. Others are naive in thinking it doesn’t require any training or technique for remote work and find themselves in a high turnover cycle. Nevertheless, the few who have developed their remote work skills through training and experience often have more satisfying jobs and earn more.

Remote work requires its own unique collection of skills. Those who master virtual work skills will find a better work-life balance and earn more. As the future workforce develops their careers, they must consider effective ways to acquire the skills, tools, and abilities to perform jobs outside the office. The data shows that organizations are moving to remote work environments. As the virtual work environment matures, every job becomes more competitive.

McKinsey study on the future-proof skills needed for the world of work identified 56 foundational skills that will benefit people. However, most people who work on their career development only consider product-specific technical training that does not even appear on the list. Today’s technological revolution is changing everything around us. It is time to change our professional development career practices to keep pace.

The GOOPro training offers those fundamental future-proof skills needed to support remote work. Developing and mastering the foundational skills will lead to a higher likelihood of employment, higher incomes, and job satisfaction. Visit the links to learn more about training Instructor-led Online classes and our Self-Paced study options.