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CompTIA Data+


CompTIA Data+  

4 Weeks (16 Days 1.5-hour Live online training + 18 Labs); Content mapped to CompTIA Data+ (DA-001) exam objectives


Lesson 1: Identifying Basic Concepts of Data Schemas

Lesson 2: Understanding Different Data Systems

Lesson 3: Understanding Types and Characteristics of Data

Lesson 4: Comparing and Contrasting Different Data Structures, Formats, and Markup Languages

Week 2 

Lesson 5: Explaining Data Integration and Collection Methods

Lesson 6: Identifying Common Reasons for Cleansing and Profiling Data

Lesson 7: Executing Different Data Manipulation Techniques

Lesson 8: Explaining Common Techniques for Data Manipulation and Optimization

Lesson 9: Applying Descriptive Statistical Methods


Lesson 10: Describing Key Analysis Techniques

Lesson 11: Understanding the Use of Different Statistical Methods

Lesson 12: Using the Appropriate Type of Visualization

Lesson 13: Expressing Business Requirements in a Report Format

Lesson 14: Designing Components for Reports and Dashboards


Lesson 15: Distinguishing Different Report Types

Lesson 16: Summarizing the Importance of Data Governance

Lesson 17: Applying Quality Control to Data

Lesson 18: Explaining Master Data Management Concepts

Appendix A: Identifying Common Data Analytics Tools

Appendix B: Mapping Course Content to CompTIA Data+ (DA0-001)

Sessions:                     Oct 7-31; 6-7:30 AM CT (Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thu)

Instructor-led:            $50 Registration + $1,750 Tuition (Classroom, Labs, and Exam)

Self-Paced:                 $535 Bundle ($83 Study Guide + $120 Practice Labs + $332 Exam)

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