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CompTIA CySA+  

4 Weeks (14 Days 1-hour Live online training + 14 Labs); Content mapped to CompTIA CySA+ (CS0-003) exam objectives


Lesson 1: Understanding Vulnerability Response, Handling, and Management

Lesson 2: Exploring Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting Concepts

Lesson 3: Explaining Important System and Network Architecture Concepts


Lesson 4: Understanding Process Improvement in Security Operations

Week 2 

Lesson 5: Implementing Vulnerability Scanning Methods

Lesson 6: Performing Vulnerability Analysis

Lesson 7: Communicating Vulnerability Information


Lesson 8: Explaining Incident Response Activities


Lesson 9: Demonstrating Incident Response Communication

Lesson 10: Applying Tools to Identify Malicious Activity

Lesson 11: Analyzing Potentially Malicious Activity

Lesson 12: Understanding Application Vulnerability Assessment


Lesson 13: Exploring Scripting Tools and Analysis Concepts

Lesson 14: Understanding Application Security and Attack Mitigation Best Practices

Appendix A: Mapping Course Content to CompTIA CySA+ (CS0-003)


Sessions:                     Jun 3-28; 6-7 AM CT (Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thu)

Instructor-led:            $50 Registration + $1,700 Tuition (Classroom, Labs, and Exam)

Self-Paced:                 $863 Bundle ($148 Study Guide + $185 Practice Labs + $530 Exam)

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